From idea to prototype in 3 hours: is it really feasible?




Christian Iacono, 24, is already CEO of Ayron Tech, a company that is revolutionizing the metal accessories industry for high-end fashion. We asked him to tell us more about his company. "Our mission is to make the process of creating fashion accessories a smooth and engaging experience for our customers. We focus a lot on personalized assistance, guiding them from the initial ideation phase to the realization of the finished product."


How does this process work concretely?
"We have a dedicated Development Team ready to respond to customers' needs in real time. When they present us with an idea, we immediately get to work on turning it into reality. Incredibly, we can go from idea to prototype in just a few hours."


What makes this quick result possible?
"It is the result of the work of an exceptional group of craftsmen and engineers who work with passion and dedication. Every detail, from aesthetics to functionality, is carefully taken care of to ensure a flawless result."


And what do you envision for the future of your company?
"We want to continue to grow and innovate, always keeping our customers' needs at the center. We dream of becoming a benchmark in the fashion industry not only because of the quality of our products, but also because of the extraordinary experience we offer our partners."


It would be nice if it only took three hours to go from idea to carabiner ... the making of a product certainly takes longer, doesn't it?
"Absolutely. Creating a quality product takes time, attention and care. It would be unrealistic to think of developing a complete product in such a short time. There are many crucial components to consider, such as functionality, style, quality of materials, and many other details. Our goal is definitely to minimize development time, but not at the expense of quality. It is not three hours, but rather three basic requirements: functionality, style, and quality of the finished product. We always try to balance speed with attention to detail and meeting our customers' needs."

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