Minibag passion: the metal creations of River Jewel



For a few seasons now, mini and microbags have become a must-have. There is no designer who has not included at least one in his or her collections. It does not matter if their capacity is reduced to a minimum. And the less they resemble a handbag to approach a precious accessory, like a piece of jewelry, the more sought-after they are. A rising trend that explains, along with their uniqueness, the success of Il Gioiello di Fiume's creations. In fact, the Campania-based company, strengthened by its experience in the production of metal accessories for the fashion industry (it has been doing this since the late 1970s), has inaugurated since 2021 the production of metal evening bags.


A handcrafted product, 100% made in Italy, on which the company has specialized by riding the wave of the market trend and obtaining an excellent response from the public. “The specialization in the production of evening bags comes from the combination of passion for the decorative arts and craftsmanship skills supported by processing technologies and manual experience,” explain the company. The ability to make models that cannot be industrialized, the creative capacity of the team, and the continuous search for new processes makes the production of River Jewel one of the most original realities of the Italian craft and industrial scene.


“The great empathy within the creative team, captained by an experienced professional, the ownership, active and always enthusiastic in giving contributions and visions, and the modeling department composed of collaborators with different generational experiences make unthinkable projects feasible,” they add from the company. “A cocktail united by an indispensable element: the human factor, which makes projects feasible that at the beginning do not seem so. A production capacity of excellence, based on craftsmanship, and an advanced machinery park complete the picture.

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