Mechatronic line for aesthetically perfect boxes: the evolution of Sima



Investing in technology to improve its performance in the increasingly demanding luxury goods packaging sector. With this in mind, Sima Scatolificio has recently expanded its machine park with the MC2004 APP: an automatic mechatronic line for the production of coated rigid cardboard boxes, equipped with the most innovative technology.

"Alongside the typical parallelepiped-shaped box, this line can also automatically produce boxes with polyhedral shapes that until now were only produced manually," the company explains. It also reduces lead times, ensuring a perfect aesthetic finish of the product. It makes boxes ranging from the minimum dimensions of 83mm in length, 31.5mm in width and 12mm in height, to the maximum dimensions of 600mmx400mmx210mm."

In addition to the traditional "stay-tape" (ST, heat-sealing) system, in a completely innovative way, sewing of boxes can also be done through a "hot-melt" (HM) system. A method that involves the use of a cardboard die-cut whose edges to be mated with the box forming must be suitably milled; then a jet of hot-melt adhesive is projected along the milled edges of the die-cut and, once the box is formed, allowed to cool in a very short time.

"Since it is a 4.0 machine, it is interconnected with the production management software and allows us to easily keep production management under control: in our sector, it is always necessary to update in order to have qualitatively better products in the shortest possible time," they clarify from Sima Scatolificio. "We are registering an increasing demand for precision and innovative materials, but above all for recyclable papers and from recycled sources.

With a view to giving consistent answers to an increasingly green-conscious industry, the company has achieved FSC Certification, which guarantees the use of raw materials with a low environmental impact: every product and processing residue is recyclable and can go back to being processable paper and cardboard. "We are also attentive to the issue of energy saving: that's why our facilities are constantly updated and renewed and we have chosen to install photovoltaic panels that allow us to cover 45 percent of our electricity needs."

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