Where the production cycle ends, a valuable business begins: Omar Antonio Cescut tells us about circularity



Face to face with Omar Antonio Cescut, sales, marketing and communication manager for BTT srl, with whom we would like to discuss important topics such as circularity and reuse of waste. Many brands are devising virtuous paths to profitably manage all production waste, with projects involving the entire value chain.

What role does BTT play in this game?


"Hi Omar, where do we start?"


"Nothing is created, nothing is destroyed, everything is transformed". This is perhaps the starting point and our mantra. In a time of change and evolution, companies find themselves powerless in the face of changing and declining sales, and the world of luxury brands is also involved in this transformation, along with the ecological transition and sustainability.


In fact, many of the brands are devising virtuous paths to be able to profitably manage all production waste, with projects involving the entire value chain. All these are strategic contents that will then go on to enhance sustainability ratings and reports. The strategy of integrating the waste treatment phase into your process can always be considered a winning solution! 


"We have heard of many innovations related to the fashion world, some more successful than others, but as far as your sector is concerned, that of precious metal recovery, what can we really do to add value to this supply chain in terms of circularity?"


"In many industrial processes, and in the electroplating process in particular, important raw materials are used which have become increasingly valuable in recent months. It is above all metal accessories that, protected and ennobled by precious metals such as gold, silver, platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, copper and nickel, are a source of secure profit at the end of the production process. The goal from which luxury brands should start is to keep all that valuable scrap within the production process to achieve important results that lead to greater competitiveness, as well as economic growth, guaranteed circularity, sustainability and traceability of processes and metals, and generation of certified ethical metal that can be reused in the value chain. The goal becomes to increase profits by fuelling the process circularity of one's waste: to create value from one's valuable waste!


"So, what does BTT srl propose to do with companies in the supply chain?"


"Following the needs of companies, BTT Italia has been working alongside luxury players as an expert in the design, implementation and maintenance of precious metal recovery and refining systems since 1979. Over the years, thanks to the support of Lem Industries Spa and, in particular, Lem srl, BTT has developed an important know-how in the extraction of precious metals from all galvanic waste, specialising in customised design and the search for high-performance, safe and stable solutions for this specific sector, as well as for other related sectors such as goldsmithing, mining and urban mines.


BTT Italia develops all these solutions for the refining and recovery of precious metals, devising customised and unique methods and systems to meet the specific needs of brands and their direct suppliers. Whatever the size of the company, BTT Italia supports the brands' supply chain on a fundamental path of optimising resources and improving profitability, because sustainability is a precious asset, just like the core business.


BTT Italia has revolutionised the market in this sector over the years, inventing the first rotary reactors, which are still widely used today, and today carries out all metal recovery processes with both pyrometallurgical, chemical and electrochemical systems."





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