Must for Fashion: items from the new collection made without the use of water



A selection of items from the "Must for Fashion" collection produced in waterless mode, without the use and much less waste of water, has been born. Talking about these novelties are Chiara Bellandi, who is in charge of Must for Fashion's commercial area, and Maurizio Fabianelli, creative director of the company, which has been part of the Bellandi Group since 2019.

The conception of these waterless items aims to reduce the use of water in production for fashion. "We will launch this collection at Lineapelle 2024. We want to do more in this regard than what has been achieved so far, by us and by the entire fashion world. And the new collection is proof of that," they explain. "For this project, basic, natural canvases are used, or those obtained from recycled material. For each garment, immersions in water are avoided during processing."

There is no lack of 360-degree attention to the environment. "We have always focused on sustainability and innovation, research of new trends and innovative production techniques, useful for fabric transformations and quality articles," they tell. "In the Bellandi group we have a resource that is constantly trained and informed on sustainability management. By 2030 Must for Fashion, together with the entire group, has the goal of making all production sustainable. With this in mind," they say, "we have changed all our machinery to others that can save 30 percent energy. Then again, we are energy independent thanks to our solar panels. We also use biodegradable fibers. What's more, we are working on making the outside of our company sustainable in the near future: the interventions involve green areas to increase the permeable surface area by 50 percent, as well as setting up meeting and relaxation areas. This is because for us sustainability is also a commitment to greater balance with the world."

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