Première Vision Paris SS25: agricultural industry "new" player in leather manufacturing




PVP proposes eight different universes at the service of creative fashion: yarns (yarns and fibers), textiles, textile designs and patterns, accessories and components, third-party confections, Smart Creation (technical and technological innovations, sustainable materials), Maison d'Exceptions (exclusive know-how) and leather.

PVP's focus on the world of leather with the most current issues in the industry. The leather manufacturing industry is preparing to face the new challenges of the luxury market, which are pushing companies to improve themselves in order to have a more complete vision of the tanning production process adapted to today's world. Factors such as expectations in terms of product quality and volume, conservation of soils and ecosystems, and traceability are the new priorities for the leather industry. The players in the production chain must necessarily work side by side in an increasingly integrated system in order to have an organic approach and cope with the industry's emergencies. Organic also means the inevitable need to establish a link between tanneries and the upstream sectors of leather production: livestock and meat industries.

Against this backdrop, PVP is proposing the 360° Leather - from Farm to Tech project by taking an active role to offer innovative and concrete solutions to the sector and to support the environmental challenges of today and tomorrow.


Among the various initiatives is the PV LEATHER HUB project, which includes: the "Leather Forum" an area dedicated to the latest innovations presented by exhibitors; and the "Industry Innovation Hub" area where agricultural and livestock companies will present their technological and industrial solutions for the management of environmental resources and beyond. The PV Leather Hub will also feature the excellence of "Les Tanneurs Français" and the FFTM (French Federation of Tanners), which will group fourteen of the most important French tanneries under one umbrella. Not to be missed is the "FFTM x IFM" exhibition curated by the Institut Français de la Mode (IFM) featuring leather projects made by students in collaboration with transalpine tanneries. Finally, for the first time, insiders and experts from Adapta and Nona Source and "L'Atelier des Matières" will make available unused stocks of material from fashion houses.

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