Tanner, the future is green in the new alliance between Silvateam S.p.A. and wet-green GmbH



A strategic alliance, setting a new benchmark in sustainable innovations in the tanning industry. Silvateam S.p.A., a world leader in the production of vegetable tannins, is the new majority owner of wet-Green GmbH, pioneer of the patented wet-green® technology for Olivenleder®, after the acquisition of the company from MB-Holding GmbH. A partnership that aims to send a clear message to the industry: the future lies in sustainable, plant-based solutions.


"This partnership represents a turning point for the entire industry," says Antonio Battaglia, director of Silvateam's leather business unit. We are setting new standards and demonstrating that sustainable tanning technologies are feasible, and more importantly the only way forward. Olivenleder®, together with Silvateam's full range of wet-end products, enables an unprecedented capacity for innovation in green leather technology."


In fact, Silvateam's expertise in supply chain management and vegetable tannin extraction will enable the optimization of the production of Olivenleder® brand tanning agents, ensuring the scalability of the system to an industrial level. Olivenleder®, known for its 100% bio-based wet-green® OBE tanning agent, represents the pinnacle of sustainable tanning technology and integrates seamlessly with Silvateam's biocircular Ecotan® range.


"This strategic collaboration brings a significant advantage to the market," explains a note, "the integrated use of Ecotan® and Olivenleder® will enable brands to strengthen their environmental footprint by using both labels, thus ensuring the highest existing standard in the sustainable leather segment. An integration of technologies and certifications that underscores the partners' commitment to setting the new benchmarks for environmental responsibility and best practices in the tanning industry.


Olivenleder® leather is considered a game-changer in the wet-green world, thanks to its pre-tanning product based on olive tree extract, which makes it possible to produce a vegetable-tanned, soft, and quick-to-manufacture nappa-like leather. Ecotan®, for its part, the first biocircular, 100% metal-free tanning technology, is known for its reduced environmental footprint. Wet-green® OBE, meeting the requirements for a biocircular leather, perfectly complements Ecotan® technology, together setting a new horizon for the leather industry.

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