Biagiotti: “The final frontier? An anthropomorphic robot.”



Work, in the world of manufacturing for the luxury segment, is anything but static. There are always new goals and standards to which to adapt, while always maintaining high values of quality and production capacity. In this sense, the transition to Industry 4.0 has lent a hand to those who have been able to seize the moment. Of the importance of staying ahead in terms of technology, we spoke with Riccardo Biagiotti of Biagiotti Accessori, a company in Scandicci (FI) that produces small metal parts for the fashion industry. “We have focused on the development of technology by taking advantage of the transition to 4.0,” he explains. “It is a path in which we have invested, even including a robot in the chain that automates production processes.

How did you manage the technological adjustment and what are the benefits?

“It has been a two-step path. We started 4/5 years ago by taking advantage of the first incentives for 4.0 adaptation. We started by investing in a program that allows us to manage both production time and inventory, but also the part related to quotations. Connected to the machinery, the software allows us to manage the whole process, from production to delivery of parts. A couple of years ago we implemented it with an anthropomorphic robot that replaces the operator, picking up parts and putting them into the machine. This allows us to continue this phase of work in automation even at night; an advantage in terms of productivity.”


How do you experience this critical phase for the many insiders?

“This is a special time. Compared to the end of 2023, work has restarted a bit, but we are still at a low level, more or less we have half as many orders as in 2022. The problem is that the brands produced too many goods in 2022, on sales forecasts that did not go well, and before launching into new production they are waiting until they have disposed of the products in stock.

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