Coccoluto Ferrigni: a “tour” of live painting in the States



Two realities that coexist, combining craftsmanship and artistic skills, leather goods and painting. Coccoluto Ferrigni is a Florentine company dedicated to working with hides to make belts for major brands, but it is also a leather goods brand that has made research, creativity and customization through hand painting its hallmark. From the meeting of these two worlds came an opportunity to bring Tuscan creativity and know-how to the United States. A small two-stage “tour” that saw Lucia Coccoluto Ferrigni, a family stylist, as the protagonist of some live painting sessions.

After all, for Lucia, a graduate of the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, bags are real canvases on which to paint. “It all started from a meeting with a client who makes haute couture jewelry, who came to us because he wanted to develop a line of belts,” Lucia says. “Seeing me engaged in the creation of some of our creations with colors and brush, he proposed me to work on the customization of some bags: first from Italy, making a series of predefined designs related to a collection, then as part of a series of events in which I was called to paint live in front of clients.

New York, Long Island, Orlando, Hawaii then Miami, Naples (Florida) and Long Beach. A star-studded “tour” that took Lucia around the United States first in September 2023 and then in February 2024 in a coast-to-coast itinerary that culminated in the California sun. “They were very beautiful moments,” Lucia says, “The theme of the collection proposed by the brand is flowers, inspired by various countries. But during the painting sessions, from the predetermined project we ranged with different subjects and colors: we really liked the possibility of being able to choose on the spot, upsetting the plans.” A bag not only personalized but decorated following the inspiration of an instant.

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