What's new at Syn-Bios: between sustainable solutions and reflective IR pigments



APLF Leather had not returned to its “birthplace,” Hong Kong, for five years now. “Despite all the difficulties and challenges of the period, I was able to see an all in all positive event, both on a general level and as far as we are concerned,” explains Enrico Gastaldello, General Manager of Syn-Bios SpA: “We found a good level of interest, especially toward possible technical innovations, but above all a desire to return to full normalcy.


What did you present?
“Taking into account also the markets interested in this fair, we chose to focus on the Ink for Leather® Spray technology. This is a technology conceived by our company that combines the strengths of pigment with the natural look and feel of an aniline. A range of water-based inks for dyeing leather at the finishing stage that enables results usually unthinkable. We also dedicated space to Ink for Leather® White, a white dye for barrel dyeing that is just as special, capable of reaching very important dyeing levels already at the wet-end level and that, contrary to traditional “barrel whites,” manages to reach deeper in the penetration phase: it does not remain on the surface, avoiding all the hassles involved, but penetrates into the fibers reaching unparalleled white tones.”


What are the peculiarities of this fair?
“APLF has historically always been a very successful fair for us; Hong Kong itself, with its location, encourages a significant and varied turnout from countries that are strategic to our industry. Being back at the fair with one of our booths in the year of our return to its original location was an investment that fortunately paid off. In addition, at least as far as our trade of “chemists” is concerned, at APLF I note with pleasure an even greater focus on new developments in chemistry than at other industry events. It is an even more “technical” fair, where we have always found a really widespread interest in our proposals.”


Upcoming news?
“We have launched a range of IR reflective pigments entirely and specifically dedicated to the automotive sector: the NIR Technology series is based on the technology of reflecting the spectrum of sunlight in the near infrared (Near Infrared): to simplify, these are pigments that help ‘bounce back’ solar radiation, repelling heat. A system that finds particular use in the construction of the interiors of high-end automobiles.”

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