Here is the workshop on the metal accessory supply chain: Polimoda and Made for Change look at the sustainable revolution in the fashion industry



The workshop is part of the activities of Polimoda Professional Training, a division of Polimoda that deals with training aimed exclusively at professionals and companies in the sector, aimed at bringing together the various players already working within the supply chain. The event will be dedicated to a critical analysis of the production chain of the metal accessory in fashion, with a special focus on emerging technologies from the perspective of sustainability. The goal is to induce reflection on the current landscape and to stimulate change through the adoption of new paradigms in production processes and the opening up of promising new technological possibilities.

The program will feature various experts in the field who will share their thoughts on existing technological innovations.
Among the various speeches, there will be room for an analysis of the production potential of additive printing, through an account of Legor's experience with the 3D Metal Hub, the innovative center dedicated to the experimentation and production of jewelry, fashion accessories and industrial components from precious and non-precious metal powders through the use of the revolutionary 3D Metal Jet Printing technology. “For us at Legor, the fashion sector is an important part of our business,” the company says, “just as a commitment to sustainability and a drive for innovation play a pivotal role in defining the strategies that guide us within it. We are therefore pleased to make our experience available for a sustainable and responsible evolution of the reference market, which will be possible thanks to spaces for discussion and sharing such as those created by Polimoda and the adherence of more and more realities at the forefront of the sector.”


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