Energy management that enriches your business




For forward-looking companies that want a business that is attentive to the needs of customers and the environment, having an energy manager certified as an Expert in Energy Management (E.G.E. UNI 11339) offers a range of great benefits. These specialized figures not only identify and study actions to reduce energy consumption, contributing to financial savings, but also ensure regulatory compliance by mitigating associated legal risks.


Their work supports the corporate image by demonstrating a tangible commitment to sustainability, which in turn can generate trust and appreciation from customers and the community. Beyond that, certified energy managers are also able to identify and manage energy-related risks, protecting the company from potential negative consequences.


The presence of energy managers stimulates innovation by introducing new technologies and practices that increase the organization's competitiveness in the marketplace. They also stabilize energy costs in the long term, ensure better financial planning, while promoting, less environmental impact and balanced business development. In summary, a certified Energy Management Expert, represents a strategic investment that optimizes consumption and related costs, ensures regulatory compliance and improves corporate image.

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