Double-sided adhesive becomes sustainable: solvent-free solutions from Nastroelle



The conversion of the fashion supply chain to an increasingly green philosophy touches every link in the chain. From leathers made with progressively less impactful processing, to the diminishing use of chemicals, the attention to the effects on the environment involves somewhat all the companies in the chain. Among them is Nastroelle, an Empolese reality that has been operating in the field of special adhesive and double-sided adhesive tapes since 1981.


For some time now, in fact, Nastroelle has been focusing heavily on its own line of solvent-free double-sided adhesives. "The whole world is going in that direction," explain the company. "We make performance products that are solvent-free and certified, and our commitment to green has stimulated us to reinvent some products by creating solutions suitable for different sectors.


A challenge the company has taken up by developing the Ghost line, which includes nonwoven, polyester and transfer double-sided adhesives. Multipurpose and hypoallergenic double-sided adhesives, designed with respect for the ecosystem but with high resistance to aging, humidity, chemicals and plasticizers that are the strengths of this type of product.


"The solvent-free line at the moment is the most in demand," they specify, "but so are all the other products aimed at a variety of sectors. We work with major fashion and nautical brands, including in the America's Cup. We are born as a company aimed at all fields. Many of our products are also used in the RV, aerospace, papermaking, marine and civil engineering industries. Increasing demand has also led us to expand our headquarters, and we are confident that we will continue to grow."

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