AMC: "In the accessories sector, the mid-range has disappeared, but creativity and customization still count"




"We work a lot on customization, we work hard to reinvent our product every day, even though the industry is suffering from the disappearance of a medium-high product range." Explaining this, the managers of AMC, a Reggio Emilia-based company founded in 1990 that deals with the study and creation of accessories for fashion and leather goods. "The sector," explains Silvia Catellani, owner of the company, "is going through a crisis that began at least 10 years ago, but despite everything our company has always managed to stay abreast of the news, keeping up to date with what the market requires. From the prototype to the finished product, handmade metal buttons, buckles, brooches, and zipper pullers are created here, often decorated with pearls, rhinestones, and stones.


How do you manage to stay a major player in the market?
"Our strong point is to be multitasking: we make a versatile product that you can customize, turning it into an accessory for the super luxury segment but also lower-end. This allows us to interface with very different realities; the important thing is to be able to count on experienced people, collaborators who, thanks to their experience, know all the solutions to be able to bring to life what the customer asks for."


And what does the customer ask for? Is there a dominant trend?
"Our philosophy is to invest, to innovate, to find new things to propose, also because today there is not one thing that goes more than another. Ten years ago I probably would have been able to say that, but today everything has changed."


What has changed from ten years ago?
"The medium-high end, which was our benchmark, no longer exists; that industry has practically disappeared, buried by mountains of garments and accessories produced by fast fashion brands. Many make the same product, with the same fabric, cut and selling price. There is no more competition; it is not only an issue of purchasing power, but also of lack of choice. Despite this, with a lot of attention to innovation and customization you can find interesting slices of the market."


How have you adapted to this change?
"By trying to make room and respond to everyone. The range has widened, it has been necessary. Today, companies capable of serving only the luxury world can be counted on the fingers of one hand; it remains a complicated and elitist world. I trust that people will soon get fed up with fast fashion and that we will return to 'lover's' fashion, not just the top tier. In the meantime, we continue to offer our services to people who are still looking for quality and customization."


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