The company that made the bustier worn by Ariana Grande at the MET is Italian

Credit: Loewe


“A great teamwork and collaboration that has seen us working non-stop, including bridges and weekends, for the last two weeks, with the Loewe team literally going back and forth for fittings and alterations moving between Franciacorta, Paris, Madrid, Los Angeles and NYC.” It is with these emotional words that Emanuele Bertoli, CEO of Superlativa, a company specializing in the production of fashion accessories in organic and innovative materials, recounts the origin of the mother-of-pearl bustier made together with Loewe and worn by Ariana Grande on the MET red carpet.

A unique piece, composed of superlative pearl® applied to a molded leather base with an exclusive pattern that traces the prismatic shape of a diamond, in which every detail, including the eyelets, is made with the superlative mother-of-pearl® finish. An object that required more than 40 hours of work and has a special meaning for the singer because, as she revealed in an interview with Vogue, mother-of-pearl is also the symbol of her zodiac sign: in fact, the artist was born on June 26 under the sign of Cancer, which is associated precisely with the pearl.


“It was extraordinary to work four-handedly with the Loewe team, who were extraordinarily dedicated, result-oriented and so passionate that we were convinced to provide them with access to our secret rooms,” continues Bertoli, who with Superlativa succeeded in reinventing mother-of-pearl for an innovative use, creating a 400-micron microfilm made from the leftovers of oysters used in the production of “south seas pearls.” A weave of mother-of-pearl that makes it possible to obtain homogeneous “sheets” with multiple applications: from automotive to the world of fashion from interior design to eyewear and haute horlogerie, to couture examples such as the bustier made precisely for Loewe and Ariana Grande.



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