"We want to give you a Daydream": Volpiana Tannery



"To those who believe in dreams, it only takes one step to reach the stars," says Antonio Aschiarolo. And it is precisely in putting faith in dreams that lies the heart of the matter. Hence the inspiration that prompted Tannery Volpiana to focus its 2024 campaign on the theme of Surrealism, the 20th century avant-garde artistic and literary movement that turned reality upside down.


"We chose as our theme the possibility of dreaming through a product such as leather, which, thanks to craftsmanship, careful selection of raw materials, an in-house production process that controls every single stage of processing and cutting-edge technologies, allows us to break down the boundary of the dream itself," the company explains.


An approach that finds support in the principles of Surrealism: empowering the imagination, responding to that need for freedom that induces one to step out of the ordinary, with the intention of creating wonder. "This year, our goal is to make ourselves known, to interact and talk with people to better interpret their needs, for this reason, we decided to participate in as many as five trade fairs, in different parts of the world. From New York to Hong Kong, not forgetting our beloved Milan. Our intention is to give visitors an intense experience, a reason to surprise themselves once again and fall into the boundless arms of inspiration."


With a bit of philosophy, but at the same time with a deep exchange of opinions, ideas and knowledge, this year Conceria Volpiana wants to elevate the concept of leather from a simple tanning product to a ferryman to everyone's dreams. "This is the message we want to convey, not only through our booth but especially with our collections."

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