Spain looks beyond: focus on trends for AI 25/26




Designs designed to enhance mood, enable new levels of personalization, and indulge in nostalgia for the days when digital had not yet replaced analog. These are the key themes that will driveFall-Winter 2025/2026. At least according to the forecasts of Wgsn, a company specializing in trend forecasting, which next March 26, together with the Asociación Española de Empresas de Componentes para el Calzado (Aec), will offer an overview of fashion trends not for the next winter season but for the one after that.


Inside the Elche Convention Center, Francisca Pérez Sepúlveda, trend specialist at Wgsn, will present trend forecasts related to colors, finishes, fabrics, leathers, accessories and decorations for footwear and leather goods. "In 2026," a note explains, "the industry's efforts to address the environmental impact caused by the extraction, creation and reuse of materials will be intensified. An evolution that will be driven by creativity hinged on scientific and technological advances and strategic collaborations."


Shoes and accessories will thus incorporate materials that aim to enable maximum customization, but also indulge in nostalgia for the times when digital was not predominant, rediscovering mysticism and magic. Totem objects to infuse joy into daily life, which is necessary at a time of crisis such as the world is going through. In response to increased global migration and travel, inspiration will also come from the codes of the city. Increasingly hybrid is the boundary between the sporting world and fashion: the trend mixes performance and style.


Color palettes will reflect the sense of chaos and bewilderment generated by the climate crisis: underlying it, the urgency to remedy and instill. Of the quest to restore normalcy will speak the light, bright tones (Celestial Yellow, Moonstone Blue) and the dark, meditative shades (Future Dusk, Cherry Lacquer). Comfort, in a world that seems dangerous and uncertain, comes from the more familiar colors (Retro Blue, Thrift Pink, Rustic Caramel, Egg Yolk). Finally, rich and bright shades (Solar Orange, Wild Green, Neon Flare) will reflect the beauty and distinctiveness of nature, alongside the urgency to bring it back into balance.

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