"You can't be half sustainable": the philosophy of Masca Stock Exchange Project




"Our company promotes unambiguous sustainability. We remain faithful to the use of leather, although in our production this is limited to details on bags made of cotton or synthetic yarns. We do not propose 'vegan' leathers: for us, eco-sustainability means something else, i.e. engaging in careful research and the use of materials that follow a supply chain and treatments in line with ecological procedures for cotton, or that take recycling into account for synthetics'.


This is the clear point of view of Marco Benzi, co-owner of Masca Progetto Borsa, a company from Bergamo active on the B2B market, which makes bags and accessories designed specifically for customers. "For us," continues Benzi, "the effort in choosing the materials that go into making our products moves in the sphere of ecological choice, for those raw materials that allow it, and recycling for the materials that can be obtained through this process. The approach also involves components and accessories, but there is still much to research and experiment with'.


A research that the company carries out in parallel and in collaboration with some historical suppliers, who have been pursuing the same operating philosophy as Masca for years now. "For cottons, we work with a company in Prato, Tisses Banelli, which does continuous research in this sense, while for synthetic yarns our reference is Limonta, world leader in the research and proposal of recycled nylon," explains Benzi. "Each of our bags has a long life, thanks to the type of components with which it is made, and does not pollute in the event of disposal.


"Our customers are large groups that use our product to support their brand, companies that operate on a global level, for which the sustainability balance is fundamental,' he concludes. 'That is why we have to certify our entire supply chain: laboratories, machinery, disposal, water use; every process is certified. And doing so is necessary: being sustainable is not something you can do by halves. Of course it takes time, but if you decide to go down this road, you have to do it all the way: stopping halfway means compromising everything'.

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