Inaugurated the Studio Auriga Virtual showroom: the physical experience also becomes virtual




Studio Auriga is a company specializing in embroidery machinery for small, medium and large enterprises. Since its founding in 1957, it has been the strategic partner of its customers, thanks to a range of technically excellent products-such as Tajima embroidery machines and software, GMI laser cutting and engraving systems, and Aurifil embroidery cotton-and highly specialized consulting, support, and training services. A reliable interpreter of the evolving industrial and creative world, it has been helping customers become leaders in their markets for more than 60 years. At the heart of its work has always been innovation, metaphorically driven by the traditional chariot of its iconic logo, which translates into the supply of the highest performing embroidery machines, software and yarns on the market, such as Tajima's single-head and multi-head and GMI laser cutting and engraving systems, Aurifil's embroidery cotton. These "jewels" are shown inside the company showroom,  in which customers can use live all the equipment, perform tests and experiments, in total confidentiality and supported by a dedicated team.


This is now joined by a new feature: the Virtual showroom, which makes the showroom accessible remotely. Through the "Virtual showroom" section of the website, it is in fact possible to access and visit all the spaces of the Studio Auriga headquarters, and in particular to virtually walk through the showroom, set up with Tajima single-head and multi-head machines and GMI laser cutting and engraving systems. As you approach each one, you can see its details and access other informational materials, such as videos, images and data sheets.


"For us at Studio Auriga, always being one step ahead is an existential mission. Technical excellence, encapsulated in our payoff, is not built 'only' by producing the best performing machinery on the market, but also by providing cutting-edge services aligned with the needs of our time. We are proud to benefit from the most inclusive technologies, such as virtual reality, to make the world of embroidery as accessible as possible." Stefano Pucci, CEO Studio Auriga.



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