Elixir and Eden: Serafini's super durable leather imitations


Ecofriendly and very high-strength solutions designed to replace leather. They are Elixir and Eden, the two innovations developed by the Serafini company. "They are new solutions to replace leather: instead of being coagulated, they are coated on a solid PU and silicone base," explains Marco Serafini. "Elixir is coated on a microfiber base; Eden on a textile imitation cashmere base. The idea comes from the automotive sector where these products are already widely used."


Their technical characteristics and very selective testing ensure their durability, stain resistance, scratch resistance and UV resistance. "They resist scratches so much that with scissors we could scratch them without traces remaining; but we could also write with a pen on the material, and by rubbing with our finger erase the ink without difficulty. They also resist UV rays and high temperatures: if we tried to burn the surface with a lighter flame, the product would resist without leaving a trace of the flame."


How do they fit into the company's R&D activities?

"As for Elixir, we had the idea of transforming it from the textile base that is Eden to a microfiber base. In the sneaker industry, light-colored shoes are often bought, and we all know that after a short time the surface gets dirty and it is difficult to make it look like new again: this product increases the durability of the shoe and at the same time we do not use solvents and chemicals."


What are the main areas of application?

"Elixir (microfiber base) is suitable for sneakers while Eden (textile base) is suitable for a more comfort shoe but can also be used outside the footwear world, such as the sofa industry and especially in the nautical sector. These products can also be used to make insoles and in this way the shoe can be put in the washing machine and is totally washable."


What differentiates this product from other materials in the same segment?

"In the market for years people have been trying to create a synthetic product that goes to imitate leather, but what is the problem? Since these are coagulated products of non-solid polyurethane, with moisture in the air there is a risk that the hydrolysis reaction will be triggered, causing the product to flake off. So compared to a durability of about 1 year to 1.5 years, our product is guaranteed for at least 5 years."

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