The Noble Plastic Families and their Applications in the Fashion Industry

Polimoda Professional Training is the division of Polimoda dedicated to tailor-made courses for professionals and companies in the fashion and luxury sector.

The first seminar on 'The Noble Plastic Families and their Applications in the Fashion Sector' was held in the prestigious venue of Villa Favard in Florence.



This event was attended under the direction of Lartigianabottoni by the leading companies in the production of raw materials for the fashion accessories sector such as acrylic, acetate, resin and PMMA.


The workshop was divided into 2 parts:

In the morning, technicians from the various companies illustrated the different materials by telling how they are produced and what their main technical and mechanical characteristics are.


The presentation was not limited to pictures and videos of the various processes, but allowed participants to touch the sheets, sticks and granules from which the objects are made in order to see and understand the entire production process.


Among the partner companies in the project were:


- Lartigianabottoni and sintetica srl for casting acrylic.

- Mazzucchelli 1849 S.P.A for cellulose acetate.

- Fashion Plast SRL for polyether resin.

- ANSA Termoplastici for PMMA granules.

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