Joining forces for a distant market: IP Industrie Pellami and Piegavelox in Hong Kong together to conquer Asia



Two Tuscan excellences on a mission to Hong Kong to make Made in Italy the protagonist. This is not the plot of an Oscar movie but the idea of IP Industrie Pellami and Piegavelox, two manufacturing companies from the Florentine province, which have decided to join forces to participate together in the upcoming Asian edition of APLF 2024 from March 19th-21st (Booth 3F-D17/IT).


Also logistically united (the two companies are based in Empoli on the same street), IP Industrie Pellami and Piegavelox have a long relationship of constant collaboration under the banner of creativity, research and product innovation.


"Among the new products we will bring to the exhibition in Hong Kong," says Monica Cirri of IP Industrie Pellami, "stands out a fine leather that we care a lot about. It is one of our historical continuations i.e., a soft Made in Italy, vegetable-tanned lambskin nappa that evokes gentleness, roundness, naturalness like the leathers of yesteryear. In Hong Kong we are presenting it in new, exclusive fine finishes made by Piegavelox itself." "The idea is not to weigh down the leather with obvious workmanship, but to maximize its quality," explains Paola Zucchi, head of the style office and one of the owners of Piegavelox . "In particular, on the IP Industrie Pellami lambskin we recreated more vintage decorations to give the idea of a natural aged look. In one case we made on the leather an irregular pleating, "worn effect" style. On another item, on the other hand, we constructed raised elastic ribs to create a domed effect that gives a movement not typical of leather."


IP Industrie Pellami and Piegavelox are the ultimate expression of Made in Italy export. The processed leathers that the two companies will show in Hong Kong perfectly render the idea of the capabilities of both: "We want to show the Chinese market that our know-how is exclusive and irreproducible," concludes Monica Cirri, "by presenting ourselves with Piegavelox we want to offer the customer the possibility of purchasing a finished, handcrafted, quality product.

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