"The leather supply chain needs a confidence boost"



"In all the sectors in which we operate, demand is good, our work is appreciated, and we manage to be competitive in terms of both delivery and service, striving to offer solutions whenever a need arises. However, what I perceive, from my dealings with customers, is that there is a lack of vision for the future; we hope that with the new year the demands will start to grow again.


The leather supply chain needs an injection of confidence: this is the feeling of Maurizio Danese, director of the Danese Group, which embraces the parent company, Danese Srl, active since 1992, and its offshoots that are the result of investments and growth in the sector: 'Calati', manufacturer of the famous leather feeler gauge, acquired in 2019, and brands such as 'eZipCut' and 'Carm the buffing paper', product lines designed for leather and tanning.


All sectors in which, despite the uncertainty of the period, the company is continuing to grow, thanks in part to a specific attitude. "The specific requests that are made to us," explains Danese, "are a priority for us. And it is precisely on the basis of the individual problems we have been confronted with over the years that we have been able to develop products with improved performance, capable of responding to the needs of an evolving sector. It is a source of pride for us to be able to say that we have been forerunners in almost every branch of consumables.


Danese Srl today offers a complete line of consumables for the tanning supply chain, in continuous evolution, acting as a partner in solving production problems, guaranteeing more agile production. Danese Srl's ability to interpret market demands prompted it to expand by acquiring in 2019 Calati, a historic brand of feeler gauges, known and used worldwide. "As I often say, 'a Calati is forever'," says Danese, "but we wanted to bring it up to date, introducing a digital model and a newly designed one that will be able to dialogue with tannery and leather goods machines."


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