Legor and responsible innovation for the fashion industry: here's the Brass and Bronze ECO + Antiqua combo, for accessories with vintage charm




Being innovative can start not only from product research, but also from a novel way of approaching the market to try to raise the bar of one's competitiveness. This is what Legor has accomplished in these early months of 2024, which has strategically chosen to promote product combinations aimed at its target markets: Jewelery&Luxury and Fashion&Decorative. "Where until recently the priority was to enhance the single item," explains Fabio Di Falco, Legor's Marketing & Customer Support Manager, "we thought it would be more incisive instead to put together an offer that includes the combination of one or more alloys with specific galvanic finishes for both fashion and jewelry.


Legor's idea is to provide an even more comprehensive service to its customers and convey to the market the idea of being one of the few horizontal companies that can supply both metal alloys and galvanic solutions. Among the combinations designed for the fashion accessory, Legor offers Brass and ECO Bronzes combined with Antiqua finishes developed to create a vintage effect in line with current trends. Antiqua finishes are long-lasting and evoke a sense of charm linked to antiquity and tradition. Adding to the aesthetic aspect is a sustainable one: Antiqua finishes are formulated without toxic metals such as nickel, lead, cadmium and cobalt for the protection of both electroplating operators and the end customer. Among the products in the Antiqua family, the first born is the Flash Antiqua Gold gilding process.


These sophisticated finishes are coupled with Eco Brass and Eco Bronze alloys, expressions of a strong commitment to sustainability, both environmental and social. In fact, these alloys are made with 100 percent non-precious metals from recycled sources, certified UNI EN ISO 14021:2021 according to the statement issued by Bureau Veritas. What's more, in addition to meeting the REACH quality standard, Legor's ECO Brass and Bronze alloys maintain the strength, durability and beauty properties of traditional alloys, offering customers a more responsible choice without compromising the quality of their final products. It is also important to note that for all its products, Legor has chosen to use only 100% precious metals from recycled sources and 100% RJC CoC compliant. This focus on responsible sourcing ensures ethical and sustainable production from supplier to end consumer.




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