Essemme embroidery factory: "The recipe for facing 2024? Research and creativity"



"We entered the world of leather goods with different processing focused on this sector; then, over time, we absorbed the production cycle internally, doing in-house operations such as splitting, fleshing, retanning and finishing. This is an arrangement that gives the customer the opportunity to reduce logistical steps, saving time and money." This is how Ricamificio Essemme, which began as a quilting mill serving the fashion industry, has become a reference point for leather goods as well, thanks in part to its work on selecting new materials and technical innovation. Explaining this is Daniele Mugnaini, owner of the company.


How does work on leather goods differ from work on clothing?
"Work in leather goods is more uphill because unlike clothing, the range of possible proposals is smaller. This is both because leather lends itself less to certain processes and because the tests to which pieces are subjected are very invasive. It is also true that doing research on a narrower field from a certain point of view is an advantage."


What are the most popular techniques?
"One is quilting, but there is a strong interest in processing mixes, which can lead to innovative solutions, not so much for new processes, since they are difficult to identify and make, but for their fusions."


Footwear/leather goods or apparel sector, which is doing better?
"More than which sector, from what I see, I would talk more about which brand. There are companies that are doing better or worse depending on the impact certain customers have in their sales. Not all brands are doing badly, the decline is there for everyone, but in different percentages."


And for your company, how is it going?
"At a general time when most companies are complaining of even major declines, 2023 was a good year and the same is true for the first months of 2024. But the situation is what it is, and it is plausible that sooner or later we will be touched by it. What we can do, and what we are doing, is to intensify our commitment to research and development, to invest in the creative strand so that we can always come up with something different from others."

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