From forest creation to community services: Aircom bets on welfare



Doing business is not just about doing business and standing out for one's products: great commitment to welfare is needed. This is Aircom's philosophy: to create a balance between social solidarity and profit; "the factory for the man and not the man for the factory" of Olivettian memory. "We are a manufacturing company attentive to the evolution of its business, but we create it is at the same time important to reinvest in activities that have a positive impact on our community," they explain from the company.


An approach that internally is embodied in the utmost care for employees and a healthy work environment. Those who work at Aircom can count on continuous training and seize the opportunity to improve their skills, in a path of human and professional growth, including in the confrontation with new generations. "Once a year, for example, we open our doors to the classes of some middle schools: this way those who are at work have the opportunity to show their skills, while the children can count on a privileged view of the many aspects of work in our industry."


And then there is external welfare, the kind that stems from the question: what can we do to contribute on a small and large scale? "To support our community, we have embraced the Ciss 38 Consortium's Friendly Bus project that helps the elderly or people with disabilities get to places of care and offices for paperwork." Each year, Aircom also financially supports a charity project: the latest recipient was the Regina Margherita Children's Hospital Foundation.


Broadening the scope, here are the "for the planet" interventions. "Sustainability is an issue we are primarily committed to internally, both through the use of certified and recyclable raw materials and through strategies to reduce our impact, pursuing the goal of carbon neutrality. To go the extra mile, we decided to create our own forest on Treedom, purchasing 200 trees in South America. We gave them away to customers, suppliers and employees-a way to raise awareness of deforestation and help the planet."

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