Physis Consortium introduces itself in Florence




The Florence-based Physis Consortium is a benefit corporation and aims to support the development of innovative technologies, processes and projects to reduce the environmental impact of the entire accessory supply chain and its stakeholders, through cutting-edge, value-driven solutions that set in motion a virtuous circuit made of awareness and cooperation, within a reality that is still very fragmented by definition.


In 2024 Physis turned one year old. Twelve intense, positive and promising months lived at high speed in which this innovative start-up has already brought together almost thirty consortium companies among the main players in the sector. To mark the occasion, the Consortium will present its Inaugural Event in Florence on April 11th, 2024. The happening will take place at the innovative complex of the former Manifattura Tabacchi, the city's modern center of attraction and a symbol par excellence of urban regeneration. A non-casual choice on the part of Physis, which makes environmental sustainability the essence of its mission.


The event will be divided into three morning panels starting at 9:30 a.m: an introduction to the Consortium by Alessandro Pacenti and Ester Falletta, respectively President and Technical Director of Physis; the second panel will be devoted to institutional interventions with contributions by Flavio Sciuccati (The European House Ambrosetti), MEP Alessandra Moretti and Andrea Barabotti - Member of the Productive Activities Commission of the Chamber of Deputies; the third panel will be a technical focus on the accessory entitled "Together Towards a Sustainable Supply Chain," with three exceptional speakers: Elisa Gavazza (ZDHC), Massimo Bonini (Associate Professor of Physical Chemistry, University of Florence) and Luca Cartocci (Leaf Foundation).


"We want to present Physis with an event that talks about the supply chain from a technical point of view, without ideologies," says President Alessandro Pacenti. "The Consortium has filled a void in the sector, and our goal is to involve as much as possible all the components of the Supply Chain in order to unite the entire sector and guide it toward an innovative and responsible future.

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