Attention to detail: for Del Vecchia, it's a mantra for excellence



Del Vecchia has always embraced a motto that has guided its entry into the world of luxury leather goods: "Attention to detail produces the highest quality." But what does this statement really mean for Del Vecchia?


"It's not just about building high-quality sewing machines; for us, attention to detail also extends to working on the accessories that complement them," the company explains. "Through careful analysis of the products presented by brands, Del Vecchia develops a complete series of accessories that not only complement the machines, but also define the quality of the entire leather goods item. We have invested time and resources in developing new accessories, redesigning and modifying them to ensure maximum precision and functionality. From the new series of beading transformations for sewing machines, to the design of plates and jaws that allow precision work on tight curves, to the creation of an innovative automatic threader for the thread in the needle-every accessory has been designed to improve the efficiency and precision of the working process. For the company, attention to detail is a tangible commitment to offering customers innovative solutions that meet the needs of the luxury leather goods industry. Del Vecchia has become a trusted partner for numerous companies in the luxury sector, especially in the leather goods manufacturing hub. Although it has strong roots in the past, the company maintains a keen eye on the present and the future, with a forward-looking vision toward innovation and progress. In addition, Del Vecchia also pays close attention to workplace safety. It has designed systems to improve this aspect, investing resources and time in creating solutions that ensure a safe and efficient work environment for its employees. Through these initiatives, the company demonstrates its commitment to the safety and well-being of its staff, as well as to quality and innovation in the products it offers.

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