Conceria Onda Verde: "The future? Moving toward a return to simplicity."




A market that navigates by sight, but that in its course is betting everything on a return to simplicity. The leather that will envelop the coming seasons is transparent, light, natural. These are the impressions coming from the heart of the Tuscan tanning district through the words of Tiziano Bonistalli, sales manager of the Onda Verde Tannery in Ponte a Egola (PI), active in the sector since 1955. We asked him to take stock of the industry situation and trends for the coming months.


"We are experiencing a moment of stalemate that involves the entire market, there are few companies working at full capacity," comments Bonistalli. "Orders are at a standstill and an uncomforting situation involves the entire sector, both tannery and leather goods. Making predictions six months to a year from now is difficult. The only positive element I have noticed concerns a slight change for foreign markets other than the classic destinations. The U.S. market is slightly up, and even the Japanese are timidly starting to buy again. However, the chain is a bit stagnant, the brands are not making big demands; there is a lack of stimulus."


And the approaches, though tentative, are all going in the same direction: that of leather that is as natural as possible. "The trend is for articles that are not too elaborate," Bonistalli explains. "We have noticed a marked inclination to look for the clean article: a natural, smooth, shiny or matte leather but without too many enrichments. No plotter drawing or digital printing: what is most popular are natural colors, without any excess; at most an iridescent effect. This is also why at the last fairs, during which we presented about 20 new items, our proposals were all super soft, ultra-light leathers. Metallic calfskins with liquid foils with a natural, transparent appearance."

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